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Little Habits, Big Changes

I recently finished listening to the audiobook - Atomic Habits by James Clear.

~I highly recommend this book. If you are looking for guidance on how to shift your thinking and create new habits grab this one!~

One of the biggest takeaways from this book was his chapter on building his writing audience. James explains that twice a week he would write an article, even if he didn't feel like it. He committed to a small op-ed twice each week, it wasn't always a "GREAT" article, or a huge inspirational piece, but he did it. Listening to this chapter really tugged at my heart. I was really drawn to the idea of "do it anyways". I often make excuses for why I can't do things I really want to do, like write.

What if I just sat down twice a week and wrote out what was one my mind, shared my thoughts and published them. No matter how "GREAT" the article IS or Isn't.

James talks about how when he decided to be consistent with his writing, he started to see the habit forming. When this small habit formed, he noticed bigger habits falling into place. The 1% change added up to bigger and bigger changes.

I love to write, but don't do it enough. I make a lot of excuses when it comes to my writing. English wasn't my strongest subject in school. I failed a lot of writing assignments, and spelling bees. I often let this SUPER old story of not being a good writer stand in my way. What if I make spelling mistakes?

What if my grammar is totally messed up?

What if what I think is important to write about is BORING to everyone else?

Lots of what if's!

I feel like it is time to shift those what if's.

What if what I write about is the inspiration someone needs to do something great?

What if what I share helps someone commit to a healthier life and self care?

What if my horrible spelling and grammar is what someone else needs to see to decide to just publish what they want to say as well?

I want to be the person who writes every week. I want to be the person who shares, inspires and provides knowledge.

SO, here's what I am doing. I am creating the habit of sitting to write every TUESDAY. I will commit to sitting and sharing each week, no matter what.

Will the content be great, probably not, it will be content that I feel I need to share with you. It might be a recipe, it might be about wellness, it might just be a rant. Not overly sure, all i know is I will be sharing SOMETHING!

So stay tuned, and let's see where this takes us!

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