Honour Where You Are

Updated: Oct 12

“Honour where you are.”

Sit with Spirit in the present moment

This message seems to be on repeat, not only in my personal readings, but in messages I am receiving for others.

There is a constant gentle reminder to be present, respectful and appreciative of the part of the journey that is here, now.

The part of the journey that is teaching us, moulding us and giving us what we need to be bigger than we ever imagined.

There is a pull into the present, an urging to step both feet together into THIS part of the path, and to stop straddling past and future.

Yet, most of us, myself included, don’t always understand how to do that, or what that even looks like. We spend hours reliving the past, rejiggering what happened and wishing for different outcomes. Thinking those “if only” and “what if” statements over and over. Like the record needle jumping over the same part of the song, almost wearing a hole in the vinyl.

Or we play out scenarios of what we want the future to be. Thinking if we can just work hard enough, long enough, if we are just good enough, we will finally get what we want, get what we feel we need to be happy.

But, that isn’t how this works. We can’t control, change or alter what happened in the past, anymore than we can predict future outcomes. We can only honour where we are right now, in this exact second of time.

This is a very hard concept for my A type personality to wrap my mind around. I am a planner, a rehasher, and a futurist. I struggle to honour the present every single day. Even with constant reminders from spirit, I find my self drifting backwards into the past, or predicting what I feel my future should look like.

So I am taking action to be more present, honour what is now, and I wanted to share this with you.

The first step is getting real with yourself. I begin each morning with a journal entry. I ask myself, what is the reality of where I am in this moment. Sometimes the simple reality is I am tired, and I need to care for myself. Other times, reality is feelings of grandiosity, energy and excitement, like I am ready for anything the day is bringing. Honour it. Honour and appreciate whatever comes up, write it out, and move on!

As you sit with your journal, are you reliving the past? Are you planning the future? Write it out, and then write “I release these thoughts to the universe, they are no longer mine.” Then let them GO!

Once you have release it all, and brought yourself into this present moment, write about all the things, people and current circumstances you appreciate and have gratitude for. Sometimes I literally write, I am grateful for this coffee, this pen and this paper, because that is the HERE AND NOW and I really do appreciate that I have access to all these things.

Then meditate! Try this simple meditation to release and bring yourself into the present

Have your doTERRA Tea tree oil, and I high vibration oil like rose, geranium or helysenthium on hand.

Rub tea tree oil into the palms of your hands. Begin to warm the oil. As you warm the oil, inhale deeply and say;

“I release my attachments to the past that hold be back from standing in the present. I release my fear of the future that pull me from standing in the present.”

Repeat this as many times as you need to. Using the tea tree oil to remove the negative vibrations that may be surrounding you.

Next place a drop or two of your high vibration oils over your heart. Place your hands over your heart and allow the oils to warm your heart chakra.

Take a deep breath in and say

“I honour myself, as I am, where I am. I allow spirit to speak to me in this moment, finding comfort n standing in my present state.”

Repeat as many times as you need.

Journal about what came up, what did you hear, smell, feel?

You can do this practice as often as you need. Every time you feel yourself slipping into the past or forcing your future, stop and meditate on this.

I would love to hear from you, does this resonate? Once you try the meditation, share with me how you used it and how it worked for you.

Namaste my friends


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