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We have talked about this one A LOT!  I take this supplement daily to help my body eliminate the crud and function at a better level! 


REAL Green Cleaning

Many "green" products are still full of chemicals.  After switching to this line up, we have noticed a HUGE decrease in Asthma and allergies in our house.  We have been using the OnGuard products for 4 years, and have been extremely happy with them.  The NEW Abōde line of green products have been a WELCOME addition as well.


Good FOOD!

If you have been following my instagram, you already know we LOVE the Epicure Products.  I never have to worry about fillers or chemicals when I am creating meals for the family.



We take our LifeLONG Vitality combo pack each day.  Proper supplements provide energy, boost your immunity and help you feel vibrant and healthy.  That's why we never miss a day! 


Clean HOME Tools

When using plant based cleaners, DIY toilet scrubs and home care items it is important to have top quality glass containers.  I LOVE the big amber glass spray bottles, glass jars and pump bottles.

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Clean MEATS and Real EATS!

I have put a lot of time and effort into finding real food, from real sources.  We try to ensure that the balance of our food is grown locally, without chemicals, and stuffed FULL of nutrition.

We have found locally that sourcing our foods from the following has be quite DELISH; 

Limestone Acres Farms - Season produce, eggs and honey

Long Lane Farms - Pork, and chicken

Corad Farms - Beef 

Lytle's Organic Farms - Organic seasonal produce, chicken, eggs, and other local goodies

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