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Who Doesn't LOVE Comfort Food?

The weather today has me feeling like it is time to crank up the fireplace. It is wet, cold and rainy here.

These are the days that I pull a pre made soup out of the freezer, throw it into the crock pot, and enjoy warm cups of soul satisfying goodness all day long.

As I was sitting here working, sipping on my morning cuppa joe, I remembered that I had this great Set it and Forget it Slow cooker meal guide. It has a bunch of my favorites, and it just too good not to share!

This guide is healthy slow cooking at its simplest.

So go dig out that slow cooker because with this program, we will be putting it to use every day! This Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Program focuses on a mix of 'set it and forget it' meals and super simple recipes. Eating healthy has never been this easy and delicious!

I will provide you with the meal plan, itemized grocery list and prep guide. All you need to do is make the commitment and follow along. Ready, set, slow cook!

This plan is


Get Your free download below, and happy slow cooking!

Download PDF • 4.38MB

Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Program Prep Guid
Download • 55KB

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