What Happened After I Decided to Love Myself

Once I had decided that the universe could have all my stress, well for at least two weeks, I felt almost free. I can’t really put into words what it was I was feeling. It wasn’t an “I don’t care attitude”, but I also didn’t feel the weight of other people’s expectations either.

I had given the universe two weeks to show me what I was supposed to do, and I had demanded a very clear answer.

If I was to leave my job, my husband would get a bunch of contracts for his business.

If I was to stay at work, then he wouldn’t and it would show me that I needed to keep an income going.

I sat back and waited, not entirely sure what was going to happen. I pulled oracle cards hoping for a sneak peek at what the answer may be, but got “patients” and “be still” no matter what deck I used.

About 4 days after my melt down, our renovation company received a confirmed job, then a couple days later we got another one. By the time my two week timeline was up, my husband was booked for jobs straight through to the end of the year! As he shared this news with me, I started to sob. I am sure he was completely confused at first. ‘Was this not a great thing?’ ‘What is my wife balling about?’ I could just see the words scrolling across his face like a neon sign.

I grabbed is hands and told him how over the moon happy I was! How I had asked the universe for a sign that I could leave my job, and this was exactly what I had asked for.

He had been begging me to leave my job for a couple months already, so this news was music to his ears.

That week I gave notice. I would complete my contract, and not one day more. I wouldn’t stay to cover the laps in management contracts, I would stop working more that my allotted hours, and I refused to stay late or attend meetings I wasn’t being paid to attend. I was completely serious in my decision to show myself the love I deserved. I had the backing of the entire universe after all!


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