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We Have WORMS!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021


By the way, you probably do too.

I have been learning about worms and parasite infestations for a couple months now, and let me tell you, THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND! I was so intrigued that I HAD to try it all out for myself. If you follow me over on TikTok you are already aware of my Parasite cleanse Journey. For those of you that don't, you are in for a treat. This new series is all about WORMS, Worm Cleansing and what I have learned on my 15 day INTENSIVE first ever Paragard De Worming Mission.

Before we dig in, remember this is me sharing my journey, what worked for me (and my husband because I always make him a guinea pig in all my experiments). This is my journey that I took listening to MY BODY and what my body needed. I did discuss this all with a couple other health care professionals BEFORE I dove in head first. Even tho I myself have studied Holistic Nutrition, I felt it was important to gain knowledge from others who specialize in the deworming field. I Highly recommend this journey to you, if you feel you are able to listen to your body and have done research to ensure the best possible outcome FOR YOU!

Why did I actually decide to do this?

I will be honest and upfront here, like I said. the first time that I EVER heard of this Paragard stuff was on TikTok. I fell into a wormhole (PUNS!!) of weird herbal remedies one day and stumbled upon this HUGE DeWorming Community. Thousands of people reporting all these AMAZING things after taking this herbal tincture that eliminated parasites from the body. Everything from better pooping and decrease bloating to brain fog disappearing and energy levels spiking through the ROOF! SiGN Me up! Am I right??

Like I always do, I started to dig deep and researched more about this deworming. Here's the bullet points of SOME of the things I discovered, and I felt where super interesting;

  • Common symptoms of intestinal worms are: abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting, gas/bloating, fatigue, unexplained weight loss/gain, abdominal pain or tenderness. Other Parasites are known to cause Symptoms like; skin bumps or rashes, weight loss/gain, increased appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, sleeping problems, anemia (this was HUGE for me to discover because I have been anemic since I was 14), aches and pains, coughing, allergies, feeling brain fog, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, weakness and general feeling unwell. Now I am not saying that if you have any (or all) of these symptoms you have an infestation of creatures living rent free in your body….. but hear me out. What if you DO? What if the reason you are feeling this way is because of these little assholes, and all this time you just really needed to evict the life sucking suckers?

  • In north America we seem to have a huge misconception surrounding "worms". It was evident in my reading that many feel this is a third world issue or related to poor and dirty conditions. Truth be told worms and parasites are EVERYWHERE, and really don't care what your wealth class is, or how clean your home is.

  • Almost every country on the planet has a DEworming/Parasite cleansing protocol that is INCLUDED in how they initially treat patients. Many other cultures (except westernized medicine it seems) will prescribe a patient an anti-parasitic BEFORE investigating any ailment. Most times the patient is given a 14 day protocol, sent home and told to return ONLY if the symptoms continue. In MANY cases the parasite is actually the problem, and the patient recovers.

  • Mexico mandates its population take a dewormer every 6 months because it keeps people in better health and decreases the strain on the health care system. Side note,,,,, Canada imports a CRAPTON of our food from Mexico...... and the parasites LOVE to live in the food. This is how I am pretty confident in saying you probably have a worm or two.

  • Many studies show that states of DIS-EASE are now being linked to something foreign to the body being in the body, causing the body to react and become unwell. Things like GI issues, hormone issues, even cancers have been linked to parasites in the body. One common issue that has recently been linked to parasite activity is ADHD!! YEP!! Here's why. Parasites LOVE sugar and foods that are easily converted to sugar, so they are thriving with this North American diet right now. They deplete our vitamin and mineral stores and in some serious cases make the host malnourished. This in turn can cause the brain fog, cognitive dysfunction and loss of focus. Don't get me twisted here, I am not saying ALL people with ADHD are walking parasite houses,,,, but I will tell you my ADHD has improved DRAMATICALLY! I am able to work longer, focus better and stay on tasks. I have never been able to do things this well.

  • As these little a--holes grow and reproduce then die off they release Ammonia. Ammonia in the body causes all kinds of issues, and in serious cases can actually lead to ammonia poisoning. The signs of increased ammonia in the body are; Chronic cough, Chest pain, Chest tightness, Difficulty breathing, Rapid breathing, and Wheezing.

  • Parasite activity in the body is closely linked to increase heavy metal content. These little guys are like sponges and LOVE the heavy metals. Many articles I read suggest combining a heavy metal detox with your parasite cleanse (which we did) to ensure the best possible outcome. Learning that heavy metals are now rampant in our environment and often found on our foods and drinking water, not to mention our pots and pans that we cook this food with this was a must. Chronic heavy metal poisoning, is what you get after contact with a low dose heavy metals over a long time; ei, small amounts in your water, toothpaste and food. As the metal builds up in your body, you can get sick. Symptoms come on slowly and can include: Headache, Weakness and tiredness, Achy joints and muscles, Constipation, Brain fog, cognitive function decrease, decreased immune response and more. UMMMM, Hello?? Isn't that like 99% of US? It is very likely that your body contains more heavy metals than it should at this very moment. (I told you this stuff would BLOW YOUR MIND!)

  • It is regular practice to deworm our pets and farm animals. Ask any VET and they will tell you about the link between parasites in our animals and their health. Seeing as we are also mammals, I am not sure why we haven’t really connected those dots too.

What I Experienced.

When I shared my story over on tiktok, I broke down my experience into three 5 day chunks, as that is how my body seemed to move through it all. My husband seemed to have "experiences" every couple days. Before we began this process we did some lymph opening protocols, like massage, GuaSha, Walking, Chiropractic, oil pulling and dry brushing. This can be an intense 15 days for your body, so you want to make sure that your bodies "garbage can" (the lymphatic system) is open and working first. I do not recommend starting this without adding these in first. In the next post I will be breaking down the three 5 day chunks a lot more for you and what happened, but for now here is my most memorable moments;

  • The husband evicted his first batch of GI parasites on DAY 2, then had a steady elimination for a couple days after. He experienced a couple days of mild die off symptoms mid way through, then noted an increase in energy and focus after that.

  • I didn't have any evictions until about day 5. The first 5 days I felt "full" and had very little appetite. I noted that my body was achy and I was having a lot of die off symptoms. Day 5 or 6ish I started to evict parasites from my GI and (hold on this is super gross) my NOSE! As it turns out I had a lot of upper body bugs..... so gross! On day 10, I woke up feeling AMAZING, and the best way I could describe it was that it felt like the anemia had LEFT MY BODY. From day 10 to the end I noticed a steady increase in energy, decrease in brain fog, better focus, and something that is still blowing my mind,,,,, my menstrual cycle started 3 days after I finished my cleanse and was the MOST normal, manageable cycle i have EVER HAD! Since finishing the cleanse I have had all day energy, no bloating, and better focus.

There is SOOO much more that I could share with you, but we would be here all day! I am sure by now you are asking "when the heck is she going to share how we are DOING this. I am also guessing but now you are feeling the creepy crawlers and want to evict the freeloaders already. I will share with you my step by step protocol, what I used and how / WHY I used them. I am not joking when I say it's an INTENSIVE protocol. You have to be ready to be all in. This isn't a half butt kinda approach. You will need your whole BUTT. There will be rules to follow, there will be steps to take and there WILL be results! Lucky for YOU I am taking all the knowledge I have learned so far and creating a 15 DAY GUIDED INTENSIVE. I am going to share with you my personal protocol, one step at a time.

You will need to PRE ORDER your Kit HERE, and get your hands on a bottle of ParaGuard NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER and PICK UP!!). Your kit will include EVERYTHING I used to get through this. From the supplements, to the essential oils, to the recipes I used for PINE tea and the smoothies that help me get through. Your kit will include enough for two 15 day intensives, so grab a partner! The KIT page breaks down each component to help you understand why each part is so vital to a successful cleanse. Head there now, place your PRE ORDER (and save huge BTW). Once your kit order is confirmed, you will be emailed your 15 DAY Guided eBOOK that contains the helpful tips, tricks and recipes I used to get through the 15 days. Next week I will break down the kit in greater detail and give you a glimpse into the protocol That I followed. REMEMBER, this is ME sharing MY story and what has worked for me. Please make sure to consult a health care professional that you trust with your health if you have questions / concerns. I am not your Doctor and this is not given as medical advice.

See you there!

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