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STOP Goal Setting!

Unless you are going to start adding these steps....

Are you a vision board, goal setting, resolution making junkie? Do you have GIANT bristol boards filled with lofty goals, and over the top expectations for the year ahead? If you are anything like I was, you probably have a picture of your 10 million dollar dream house plastered in the middle of it, or some completely over the top wish for the year ahead. A goal without an action plan is just a wish!

If this is you, just STOP! Seriously, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. I'm not trying to be mean here, I am trying to save you the guilt that comes with falling off the vision board wagon. These goals and dreams are AWESOME, but they are missing some very important pieces..... the game plan!

Here's how you can use that vision board to YOUR advantage.

Write out your goal (or cut it out and stick it on the vision board)

Answer the following questions for EACH goal

  1. What is a realistic timeframe to accomplish this goal? Will this goal be carried over to next year as well?

  2. What do I think it will it take to GET to that goal? What does that action look like?

  3. Who will I need to connect with / lean on to reach these goals?

  4. What skills do I need to develop to reach these goals?

  5. Is this a goal I really want for myself, or is this a goal I THINK I should want for myself?

  6. I am willing to make the sacrifices required to reach this goal?

  7. Am I Motivate OR Determined to reach this goal? Motivation will fade, determination won't.

  8. What is my WHY, and my driving force behind this goal?

  9. Do I really believe I am worthy of the goal?

  10. What do I see as the biggest obstacle to reaching this goal? If life takes me a different route how will I handle not reaching this goal? Am I willing to allow flow, guidance and my intuitive side to guide?

Write it out, get the details, the nitty gritty. Something I find really helps is to keeping asking why. Why is that a realistic time frame, why will it take that long, why do I need to connect with so and so? Get what I mean?

I know this will really extend your goal setting sessions, but trust me, if you can dig deeper on your goals, create an action plan for them, and connect on a deeper level to them, you are more likely to accomplish them. Isn't that the point of setting them in the first place?

As you head into this new year, I hope that you have goals, dreams, wishes and aspirations that will drive you forward. Things to look forward to, to build towards and experience. As you move forward do so with an action plan, but at the same time be flexible.


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