Second Try – Second Letter

Updated: Oct 12

Two weeks past without my even really knowing.  I am pretty sure I slept on the couch for at least 22 of the 24 hours alloted to each day.  The process of getting from my bed to the couch was so exhausting, I literally had to nap there before trying to attempt any kind of mothering.  The boys came and went, as I lay on the couch with the deepest mom guilt ever.  I just wanted to get up, take them fishing and check off all the to do’s I had on my “summer bucket list”.  Two weeks wasted away faster that you could imagine, yet seemed to pass by so slowly all at the same time. I just wanted to be better!

I had taken to heart my doctor’s advice.  I had purchased the supplements she told me to, took them like it was my new religion. I started researching TED talks, and YouTube videos I could listen to on concussions and brain health.  I approached my concussion as something that had to be conquered, or “fixed” if you will.  Like if I did all the right things, it would get better faster, and I could get back to my list of to do’s. Plus our first ever big family trip was approaching fast, I had to be 100% for that. I was listening to podcasts, and videos even in my sleep.  I “watched” Netflix documentaries through my closed eyelids, and prayed I would absorb the information via Osmosis.

I guess at this point I still hadn’t really fully learned the lesson, I still felt like I had to DO things.  I was approaching this as “once I am better I will”; launch my business with 50 services, work all over the map, do all the things that everyone needs for me to, and be the bestest Funnest Mom ever.  And did I mention that at this point I still believed I had to stress about stressing over the extra 40 lbs? Yep!  I was still trying to figure out why I was not dropping any weight,,,,,, Lesigh!

All I knew for sure was that the supplements I was taking had been directly linked to brain health and healing, and my progress felt like cold molasses in February.

The list below is what has worked for me, based on lots of research that I have done for myself, and consulted with my doctor on. Please note I am NOT a medical professional. Please check with your doctor / medical professional before trying anything new with your health care routine.

What I knew For Sure (at this point)

  1. I needed to supply my healing with the prescribed supplements. So Everyday I took Omega 3, CoEnzyme Q10, Iron, Magnesium, and coconut oil

  2. Omega 3 – Overall great brain health fat. Helps decrease depressions and anxiety (common side effect of concussion), decreases inflammation (think bruised brain), helps increase your ability to focus and is often used to help people with ADHD, Helps the brain develop and heal.

  3. CoEnzyme Q10 – Has been shown to have many positive effects all over the body, including decreasing wrinkles! The biggest help for me was the fact that is has been shown to decrease migraines. As an antioxidant is has been shown that it contributes to the reverse / prevention of several diseases, positively affecting brain functions.

  4. Iron – Low iron leads to anemia, fatigue and lethargy. Since I already suffer from anemia, adding a digestible iron supplement helps to combat the fatigue. If you don’t need an iron supplement / have anemia check with your doctor about adding iron for energy.


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