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Pursuing Dreams with Suki


In this episode, Victoria L interviews Suki, a mom of two and an entrepreneur, about stepping out of societal expectations and pursuing personal dreams. Suki shares her background as a military spouse and how she started her entrepreneurship journey. She discusses the challenges of balancing family and entrepreneurship and provides tips for creating work-life balance. Suki also talks about the importance of pursuing personal dreams and shares her own decision to pursue a career in real estate. She encourages moms to prioritize their own dreams and set an example for their children. The episode concludes with information on how to connect with Suki.


  • Balancing family and entrepreneurship requires setting boundaries and utilizing technology to schedule and prioritize tasks.

  • It is important to listen to your inner voice and pursue personal dreams, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Moms should prioritize their own dreams and set an example for their children by showing them that they can pursue their passions.

  • Connect with Suki on Instagram (@sukiyo_kurofsky) and Facebook (Spice Up Your Life with Suki) for meal ideas and recipe inspiration.


00:00Introduction and Background

00:48Balancing Family and Entrepreneurship

08:04Creating Work-Life Balance

09:24Making the Decision to Pursue Dreams

13:32Stepping Up for Yourself

19:15Connecting with Suki

21:06Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Victoria L (00:02.328)

Alright guys, welcome back to another episode of Victoria L. Women's Holistic Health Strategist. I'm really excited to bring to you today my good friend Suki. So Suki is a mom of two, she has two children. She's also been...

traveling all over Canada with her husband's military career and she is an amazing woman that I am really excited to bring on here today to talk with you about stepping out of the narrative of what people or how you think life should go and what you think you're supposed to do and stepping into that like I'm going to pursue my dreams and I'm going to do something amazing for myself and you know being in this stage of life and

Suki Okorofsky (00:27.982)

Only they won't suffer from it.

Victoria L (00:48.216)

putting yourself out there and putting yourself first. So Suki, I would love for you to take a moment here to just introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your background, your entrepreneurship journey, how you've been able to balance everything and where you've kind of come to now in life. I'd love to hear.

Suki Okorofsky (01:05.134)

Oh, okay. So, so much. So thank you, first of all, so much for having me on this podcast. I'm a big fan of yours. Love you so much and just love your energy. And we just have so much in common in terms of entrepreneurship. And

Victoria L (01:11.358)


Suki Okorofsky (01:29.23)

This journey, so like Victoria said, I am a military spouse. I have been for the last 20 years. My husband got out of the military almost two years ago. And so like for once in our life, we're actually planted somewhere, which is a whole new way of being. But entrepreneurship started for me since I was a little girl. I remember having dreams of me being like in this business suit, walking around with a briefcase.

And like that's what I envisioned as a business person. And I just knew that's the direction I had to go. And as a teenager, actually, my parents stuck me in a landmark education course, which is all about personal development. My dad is like a business guy, his brother is a business guy, and they stuck me in this course and it was life changing. And after that, I became obsessed with

personal development and personal growth. And funnily enough, that's kind of the path that you're on as an entrepreneur. You really have to know so much about yourself and do a lot of personal growth in order to have skin in this game, right, of entrepreneurship. And it's really funny how life just kind of sets you up for where you're meant to be. So I'm Marian, a military guy.

we move every five years. I did go to college and kind of did the school thing and worked in my field for a few years off and on throughout having children. But I found after you move, you got to start back at the bottom of the totem pole. And once my little baby boy was born and it was that one year mark, I was like, I can't leave him. I cannot leave.

This baby, he wasn't walking yet. He didn't even have any little teeth yet. And I was like, I'm going to miss everything. And that's not why I had children. So I went into working for myself and it was the best decision I ever made because I got to be there for my kids for their entire childhood growing up. And when they were sick, I didn't have to ask for a boss, ask a boss for a day off.

Suki Okorofsky (03:54.094)

I had trips planned with my family. My husband would take time off and I could just come and go as I pleased. So it was for me the most perfect business to be in because again, I could follow my husband and not have to start a career all over again. Yeah.

Victoria L (04:13.144)

That's huge. Yeah. So is that when you stepped in to be with Epicure, right? When your kids were born? Or did you have another career?

Suki Okorofsky (04:21.358)

No. I, so I started off as a social service worker. Did that, like I said, off and on for a number of years. But when he was one years old, I started in another direct sales company. So I did bounce around to a few companies until I found my home here at Epicure 10 years ago.

Victoria L (04:28.182)


Victoria L (04:31.786)


Victoria L (04:38.296)

Mm -hmm. Yeah.

Victoria L (04:43.256)

Yeah, oh wow, it's been 10 years. Congratulations, that's awesome. That's amazing. Yeah, and I think it's really important, you know, you talk about how you made those decisions that were best for you, because that's what you wanted, right? And that's a huge part of stepping into the entrepreneurship. It's not easy, but you get the opportunity to decide this is what's good for me and this is what I want to do.

Suki Okorofsky (04:45.358)

Yeah, thank you. Thank you.

Victoria L (05:10.712)

And can you speak a little bit to, you know, there's a lot of challenges that come along with that, but can you speak to how you were able to build that balance between the family, the entrepreneurial life, kind of what's your experience that you've had navigating to this point where you're at now?

Suki Okorofsky (05:31.662)

Yeah, so that's a big question because that is really important to find, still find that work -life balance, right? So yes, I work for myself, but I still have to put parameters in place in terms of when I'm working and when I'm not. Sometimes that's really hard to do because I love what I do and I have a huge team across Canada and the US. So there's people from all different time zones, but I...

really, especially in the last few years, have gotten better at putting boundaries in place. And that comes with practice and discipline. Yes, but and technology has really changed since 10 years ago. So when I first started in this business, we didn't have the ability to use Facebook and like schedule things. And I also maybe didn't know as much as I know now.

Victoria L (06:07.346)

Yep. Yep.

Suki Okorofsky (06:26.03)

But my biggest tip right now with the technology that we have is to set some really good systems in place in terms of scheduling out what you can. So even when my kids were much smaller, I wish I knew this or this technology was here. But if you're like a mom raising young kids and you are looking into entrepreneurship, definitely, yes, schedule things out so that...

your business is working for you when you're not technically working and set boundaries in terms of, okay, you know, I worked a lot when my kids were napping. So, and that was like prime time because they'd be down for like, I knew an hour and a half. My son was a really good sleeper. So like an hour and a half, two hours, I knew this is what I had to get done. And then even at bedtime, I would do like another hour of work at bedtime.

I had the flexibility where my husband wasn't around a lot when my kids were younger, so I worked a couple hours in the evening after the kids were home, or were in bed. But when he was home, that kind of changed, right? Yeah, so that would be my biggest.

Victoria L (07:34.776)

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, I think that's an important, yeah, because I think a lot of people or maybe, you know, especially moms that are looking at the potential of becoming entrepreneurs, they look at it and think they have to work 24 seven, or it's going to be all over the place. But you're so right with the technology that's in place. Now, if you do focused work, you can schedule your life around like that, like put your

but you're focused when the kids are sleeping or get up in the morning and do something then, right? Like I think that's a really, a really good piece of advice for any moms that are kind of, well, anybody really, like moms or dads or kids or whoever stepping in like schedule, just because you're working for yourself doesn't mean that you have to work 24 seven. You can have, have a balance there, right?

Suki Okorofsky (08:24.462)


Exactly, and we get so caught up in that working in the pockets of time like five minutes here five minutes there and I really want to employ people not to do that because then that's when you feel like you're always always working So really just setting a time that focus time and do it ignore the messages even though sometimes they're hard to do it's hard to ignore ignore it and get to it when you have the Even the brain space to be able to do it too and really focus and give your best

Victoria L (08:41.304)


Victoria L (08:47.384)


Suki Okorofsky (08:57.006)

customer service at that time.

Victoria L (08:57.208)

Mm -hmm. Yeah, 100%. So let's switch gears a little bit here. I want to talk about how you have, so you've been kind of working for somebody a little bit on the side too, and now you've made a big decision for yourself. And I'd love for you to share with us really the importance behind pursuing these things that light you up.

Suki Okorofsky (09:14.38)

Mm -hmm.

Victoria L (09:24.152)

because I know that this is something that's really big for you. So you don't have to tell us what you're doing, but I would just love for you to share that, you know, how you came to that decision and, you know, what brought you to that space of like, no, I'm going to do this for me.

Suki Okorofsky (09:29.166)


Suki Okorofsky (09:42.446)

Okay, I'm gonna try not to get emotional. I will probably cry, because this is pretty exciting for me. So, yes, as you mentioned, I did start working for somebody about almost a year ago. And you know what? I love it and I hate it. I love it because it's not a super busy place and I'm working and my boss is super flexible and I'm able to work on my aftercare business while I'm there, also doing work for him. And so that's...

Victoria L (09:55.608)

Mm -hmm.

Suki Okorofsky (10:12.29)

huge blessing and I realized how lucky I am in that space, though I hate being someone having to answer to somebody else and I thought I'd be okay with this. But as the year has gone on, I'm like, I'm not cut out to be an employee. I am so not.

Victoria L (10:31.704)

That's honest talk right there.

Suki Okorofsky (10:35.63)

I really truly am an entrepreneur at heart. So I had this big dream when my kids were little, and I will share what I'm doing because I'm just really excited, to go into real estate. That is something I've always saw myself as. And again, talking about what I said earlier, how a woman, a business person with a suitcase or a briefcase walking around, I...

Victoria L (10:47.672)


Victoria L (11:02.2)


Suki Okorofsky (11:03.456)

Envision myself as a real estate agent and I have as long as the kids were little but at the time it wasn't really a good time for me my husband was always away and my kids were little and It wasn't like the season of life Now my husband is out of the military. My kids are older. They're teenagers now and I had this epiphany a few months back. I'm like, it's my time now I can do this and I

Victoria L (11:29.92)

Mm -hmm. Yep.

Suki Okorofsky (11:32.91)

I actually signed up for the course back in November, signed up, but didn't actually step into it because I let myself get in my own way. And I was like, oh, well, maybe I'm okay here. Maybe I'm okay doing this job with this guy and being comfy here. And then just a few weeks ago, my body started to like get really, I was really uncomfortable inside myself and I couldn't figure it out.

And I kept seeing the number 1111, which to me is a number that, well, I even have it tattooed on my wrist, that it's the universe telling me, like, this is what you need to do, this is what you need to do. And every time I've asked the universe for a little bit of help and guidance, 1111 has like literally popped up every second. Like every time it was 1111, day or night, it was there.

Victoria L (12:25.302)

Yeah, yeah.

Suki Okorofsky (12:26.67)

And then I started having dreams of myself as a real estate agent. Like I was in, it was crazy. And yeah. And so I'm like, okay, if the universe is not telling me, if I'm not listening, like the universe is literally telling me to do this. So, um, I funny, I logged into the portal and everything was done. I had uploaded all my documents, everything was there. So it's like, I set myself up months ago.

Victoria L (12:33.656)

It's amazing!

Victoria L (12:40.12)



Suki Okorofsky (12:55.79)

for the decision to happen when it was the right time. And so I signed up, I started the course and I'm just really, really excited because this is something that I've wanted to do for a long, long time. I'm not leaving Epicure because I love that and I feel like there's something I can do together with the two of them. But yeah, just made that decision that...

Victoria L (13:15.448)


Suki Okorofsky (13:24.782)

It's my time and it's time for me to follow my dreams. And yeah, that's so that's what that's what I'm doing.

Victoria L (13:32.888)

That's amazing. And I think it's really interesting that you literally started to feel uncomfortable in your own body when your spirit was like, this is not for us. And I think that's really, how many of us have those moments, like myself included, where we just keep doubting and pushing off and doubting and pushing off to the point where...

you're literally uncomfortable in your own skin, right? And I think it's beautiful too that you share that like the universe was giving you signs left, right and center. It was like, I feel like the next step is you were gonna get like a real estate sign smack you in the face or something, right? Like when the universe was like, when are you going to listen? Right? And I love that you did listen, but.

Suki Okorofsky (14:17.766)


Yeah, exactly.

Victoria L (14:28.376)

So share with us a bit of that process for you. Like you were struggling to make that decision and it was in your head. What was that like for you? Cause I know many of us are in that space, but how did you come from so much self doubt in November to being like, I'm fucking doing this. Like how did you come to that?

Suki Okorofsky (14:51.47)

Well, it was for me, I'm just trying to think.

It was.

Suki Okorofsky (15:05.39)

Sorry, I'm like, what was the decision? I remember, okay, so this year I'm turning 40. And I have decided in January that everything that comes up for me that I wanna do, I'm saying yes to. Because I'm turning 40 and I'm just, life is too short. And I said to myself, I could sit here and doubt myself and not do something that I really want to today.

Victoria L (15:06.752)

I don't know.

Victoria L (15:11.192)


Victoria L (15:19.608)

Ah, I love that. Yeah. Mm -hmm.

Suki Okorofsky (15:34.958)

And then in two years from now, I'm still gonna want this dream. And the only thing that's gonna pass is the time and me still being stuck and hating what I'm doing and like not loving my life and living it to its fullest today. So why am I saying no to myself when this is what I want? So it was just that realization that I can continue to be stuck here, but...

Time is still gonna go by and the dream is still gonna be there. So like, why aren't you saying yes?

Victoria L (16:08.106)

is powerful. Wow, I love that. And it's, it's such a thing of beauty to say yes to yourself when it's something that you know, like you are so it's so ingrained in your body. Like you've been seeing this since you were such a little person that there's no way that that dream was just going to fizzle out and go go away. And so you're you're in this space now where you're saying yes to things where you're stepping up for yourself.

Suki Okorofsky (16:23.246)

Mm -hmm.

Suki Okorofsky (16:30.222)

Thank you.

Victoria L (16:38.016)

I know that that is a huge thing. And what advice would you give other moms that are, you know, in that space where there's something they want to do for themselves, but maybe they're in the head frame of, well, it's not my time or I don't feel good about this or like, you know, we get that guilty mom conscience, right? Where it doesn't matter if, you know, like my kids are almost freaking adults and I still sometimes I'm like, oh, but they might need me, you know, like.

Suki Okorofsky (17:06.582)

Mm -hmm.

Victoria L (17:07.584)

You know, they don't need you 24 seven anymore, lady. Like, it's okay to pursue your shit, you know? So what advice would you give to those moms that are maybe sitting there with that, that mom guilt or that unsure, but they have that same like burning dream in their heart.

Suki Okorofsky (17:26.766)

Do it, just do it and do it for your kids because your kids are watching and again something else that I really realized was my daughter is watching me and I want her to see that I am a woman who goes after what she wants and that you can do whatever your heart desires. Show that to your children because

you're right, we have that mom guilt and I thought of it too. I'm like, oh, well then that's going to take me away. Like I'm going to be away probably evenings and weekends and there's going to be my schedule is going to be, it's going to be absolutely crazy. And I know that, but at the same time, the reward is that I am going to be in a place where I'm happy and I'm doing what I desire. And that is such a gift to give to your kids.

Victoria L (18:22.488)

Yeah, that is a huge one. And to have your daughter, because she's at that age now too, where she's going to start to look forward to what she wants to be when she's, you know, out of the house as a grown woman and to see, to see that, hey, my mom stepped up and like did what she wanted. And that's so powerful. That is such a beautiful message to share with your daughter that way. I love that. That is gorgeous. Um,

Suki Okorofsky (18:48.334)

Mm -hmm.

Victoria L (18:49.56)

I'm so happy for you. I was so excited to have you on today. So Suki, I would love for you to share with us how we can connect with you. If you don't know, Suki does amazing things with Epicure. She's my go -to for all the Epicure stuff, for meal ideas, recipe ideas. She's got it all covered for you.

Where can we find you? How can we connect with you? What is the best place? Share with us all the dates.

Suki Okorofsky (19:22.894)

So you can find me on social. I'm on Instagram at Sukiyo Kurofsky. And I just have so much fun with my business. My husband and I sometimes we'll do lives together. I'm just like a nerd in the kitchen. And I just really love to show people how you can eat wholesome, delicious, healthy meals right already in under 20 minutes. And all of our meals are gluten free, you guys, and mostly dairy free, which is amazing.

So definitely find me on Instagram, also on Facebook so you can friend me there. And also if you want to join my group on Facebook it's Spice Up Your Life with Suki. And we have lots of fun in there. So yeah, come check it out.

Victoria L (20:06.2)

Yes, lots of good stuff in there. And I will make sure to put all the links in the show notes for everybody so that they can find you and connect with you. I'm really grateful, Suki, that you came on today to share with us a little bit of your journey. And just really, I really think that this is going to empower, you know, those of us fencing on ideas or things that we want to just like go for it, right? What's the worst that can happen? There's no real bad.

nothing real bad can come of it. You just make the choice and do something for yourself. And I love that. I love that you've shared that with us. All right. So do you have any, if you have any last little tidbits to share, I would love them. If not, we can say adios.

Suki Okorofsky (20:40.008)


Suki Okorofsky (20:53.374)

I'm just going to echo what you said. Yeah, jump off that fence and say yes to yourself because you deserve it and your kids deserve to see you going after your dreams and whatever, whatever that looks like to you. So just do it.

Victoria L (21:06.04)

Yeah, just do it, right? Awesome. Well, thanks so much guys for being here and for listening in on this conversation today with Suki. And I'm really excited to continue to bring you guys more and more amazing, empowering women. We've got some amazing people lined up for the upcoming episodes as well. So make sure you follow and subscribe to the channel and we will be back next week. Thank you so much, Suki, for being here.

and we'll see you guys next week.

Suki Okorofsky (21:35.566)

Thank you.

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