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Magic Mouth

We can literally create magic with our mouths (that's what he said - you had to of known that was coming). The words we use, the way we speak, the tone of our voice.... MAGIC! Why do you think it's called SPELLING when you write out words????..... You are creating magic spells with everything you SAY, and your body is LISTENING! As we head into the magic of the holiday season, I thought this would be a great time to remind you of just how MAGIC you are!

We as humans are created in this enchanting tapestry of our earthly existence, and our words possess a TON magical qualities. The way we speak to ourselves can cast spells that resonate through our physical bodies and shape not only our healing journey, but also our physical being. It's not somehting we are taught anymore, so that's why I am sharing this. Let's embark on a mystical exploration of the transformative power that lies within the words we choose for ourselves, shall we?

Imagine your words as a wand, each syllable casting a spell that is directed right at YOU. Everytime you say something, the energy of those words encompass your being. Are you speaking health and hapiiness into your body? Or are you speaking judgements, and harm?

The affirmations we choose, the kindness or lack there of we extend to ourselves – these are the magical incantations that nurture or break down our souls and bodies.

One of the things I have been trying to do, is to become more aware of my words. Listening to HOW I speak of myself, or even how I allow other to speak of me in my precence has changed a lot over the past couple years. I used to be very attached to saying things like; "I am too tired." "I am too fat for my pants." "I am not smart enough to teach people that." The simplest spells often carry the most profound magic, so these little statements kept me beleiving this was true, and my reality was just this way. I was (and still do at times, trust me it's a process) speak these spells to myself, then I would get frustrated that I was always TIRED. A good friend noticed that everytime we would try to get togtehr, I would say things like "life is to busy, I am to busy, Everything is so busy." She pointed this out to me and asked me to try to say Life is FULL instead. Full felt like abdunance, like it had the oppurtunity to be a great full day, not just a busy hectic day that had me feeling EXHAUSTED. Small shift in how I said things, but I noticed that it started to create a big shift in how I felt about the hectic and crazy lifes we live.

It seems simple enough right? Just complete the "I am" statements with words that lift your spirit. Start to switch out words that feel heavy and cumberswome with statements like "I am strong," "I am resilient," "I am worthy" "I am excited for the tasks ahead" – these are incantations that feel lighter. Choose your "I am" spells wisely, and speak the reality that you WANT. This is true for our physical well-being, our words have the potential to be big time healers. Instead of saying, "I am unwell," try the transformative spell of "I am in the process of healing." There is a famous quote from John Lennon where he says "Even if you are sick. Say you are healing. Words do manifest." This subtle shift in language invites the magic of healing and recovery into your life.

Know that you know just how MAGICAL your mouth is, why not try crafting your own spells through positive affirmations. "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better." These words echo the ancient wisdom that our thoughts can shape our reality. Speak to yourself as you would to your best of friends. Try casting spells of kindness for YOURSELF and feel how soothing it can be for your soul. "I forgive myself," "I am doing my best," and "I deserve love" – these are incantations that can help you start to build more self-compassion.

Want to dig a bit deeper into the magic? Try out these 10 journal promts to help you get started.

Journal Prompts: Unleashing the Magic Within

1. "I Am" Affirmations: Write down five empowering "I am" affirmations that resonate with your inner strength. How do these words make you feel, and how can you incorporate them into your daily self-talk?

2. Healing Language: Reflect on a recent challenge or setback. Rewrite the way you described it using words that embody the spirit of healing. How does this shift in language impact your perception of the situation?

3. Positive Affirmation Crafting: Create a positive affirmation that aligns with a current goal or aspiration. How does this affirmation inspire a sense of possibility and empowerment within you?

4. Kindness Spell: Recall a recent moment when you were hard on yourself. Rewrite your internal dialogue with words of kindness and understanding. How does this gentler language influence your emotional state?

5. Manifestation Magic: Envision a goal you wish to achieve. Develop a positive affirmation that encapsulates the essence of this goal. How does repeating this affirmation daily contribute to a mindset of abundance and manifestation?

6. Daily Spell Casting: Keep a log of your daily "I am" affirmations for one week. Notice any patterns or shifts in your mood and outlook. How do these affirmations contribute to your overall well-being?

7. Self-Compassion Exploration: Identify an area where you often criticize yourself. Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of a compassionate friend. How does this exercise change your relationship with self-talk?

8. Magic in Moments: Recall a recent moment of joy or success. Describe the language you used internally during that moment. How can you replicate and expand upon this positive self-talk in various aspects of your life?

9. Alchemy of Words: Experiment with creating a personalized healing spell or mantra. How does the intentional crafting of words contribute to a sense of empowerment and agency over your own narrative?

10. Language Check-In: Regularly check in with the words you use in your self-talk. Are there recurring negative phrases or patterns? How can you transform these into positive affirmations or spells for self-love and growth?

Remember, your journal is a sacred space for self-discovery and transformation. Dive into these prompts with an open heart and embrace the magic within your words.

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