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January Starts on a MONDAY!

Ahhhhh, here we are. On the precipice of yet another NEW YEAR. I have to admit, I am REALLY loving that January 1 is ALSO a MONDAY!! Hello Meditation and Intentions MONDAYS, I can't think of a better way start this year.

If you are new here, let me explain why I am SO happy about this, while many absolutely HATE monday. For starters, Monday is my day of reflection, recalibration and goal setting. I take about 10 mins every monday morning after my Morning Routine to set up my week ahead. I check my schedule, check in with the families schedule, create my weekly business strategy and allow the week to begin with a nice gentle flow. I have designed my Monday with intention and purpose the way that it feels GOOD to me, because I was getting really sick and tired of hating my life every. single. Monday. morning.

So DOUBLE the awesomeness of Monday being a FRESH WEEK + A FRESH YEAR = THE BEST OF THE BEST! This year for me is even MORE exciting with the launch of my FIRST EVER cookbook - The 28-day Strategy Cook Book, as well as the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of The 28-day Strategy COURSE.

To honour all that I have learned these last two years in creating The 28 Day Strategy, I am sharing with you a way to do RESOLUTIONS a bit differently this year. Let's make this year the year we EMBRACE our cycles, learn to use our natural ebb and FLOW to create health and wellness like we have never experienced before. Are you ready to stop fighting that fatigue just because you think you have to, or feeling like you are the only woman on the planet who's hormones completely mess us relationships? YES? Ok, then let's DO it!

2024 - The YEAR of Embracing Your Cycle

3 Playful Ways to Sync Your Resolutions with Your Natural Rhythms

Here are three common mistakes to avoid for a resolution revolution that aligns with your amazing self.

1. Dance to the Rhythm of Your Cycle

Mistake: Setting goals that treat every day like a superhero day.

"I am going to hit the gym and lift heavy things 4 times a week, EVERYWEEK!"

Solution: Ever heard of the menstrual waltz? No? me either actually, I just made that up because I thought it shoulded cleaver. Truth is though we've got four fantastic and very unique phases in our cycles – menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. Each has its own tempo, requires different steps, and different music FOR SURE. Plan your intense workouts during the ovulatory peak and indulge in some self-care during your menstrual groove. Your body’s got its own playlist! In my new book I share with you how each phase of your cycle needs different types of movement, and how to adjust and accommodate your workouts to actually make the MOST out of them

2. Hormones, Harmony, and Hustle

Mistake: Ignoring the hormonal dance party happening within.

"I am going to Meditate EVERY MORNING by sitting on my cushion in silence"

Solution: Imagine your hormones throwing a surprise party every month – sometimes they're rocking the dance floor, and other times they're in chill mode. BOTH are really great parties to attend, so listen to your body and don't be so rigid. FOr example, some mornings I wake up and need a couple mins of quiet to myself so I meditate sitting in my room alone in the dark. Other days I wake up feeling like I got ants in my pants so i Meditate with somatic movement and music in my gym space. BOTH are a form of meditation for me, but they LOOK very different. My goal is Meditation in the morning, but my body, mood, and spirit get to how me how. So, don’t set goals without checking the vibe! Flexibility is key. Feel the ebb and flow of motivation, and let your resolutions groove with your hormonal beats.

3. Beyond Beauty: The Wellness Wonderland

Mistake: Focusing only on the superficial glow-up.

"I am going to get facials every week"

Solution: I know this one is going to perhaps "trigger" some people out there. I am by no means saying DON'T pamper yourself, what I am saying is that it takes more than superficial BS to really create wellness,,,,,, especially at my age. So, Forget the societal beauty standards; focus on the real glow-up! Your well-being is the star of the show. Shift the spotlight to mental health, emotional balance, and inner strength. Nurture your mind, body, and soul. Learn how you really are, journal, dance in the rain, take up a new hobby, finally hire that coach or trainer, work with the counselor that you reached out to about your anxiety,,,,, then ghosted. This is your wellness wonderland – explore it with joy and curiosity!

My final thoughts as we roll out the Red Carpet for 2024?

Let’s make 2024 the year we celebrate every beautiful part of ourselves. Embrace the quirks, ride the waves, and dance through the seasons of your life. As a women heading headfirst into this transitional phase I life, I am embracing this opportunity to create a life with intention.

Here's to a year of self-love, radiant energy, and resolutions that dance to the beat of our own personal Ebb and FLOW!

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