It’s a thing,,,,

Updated: Oct 12

Take a second to think of all the things you own. All the items you have worked so hard to acquire. The things that belong in your possession.

How do you feel knowing you have worked long hard hours to build the bank account enough to purchase all these things?

Now how would you feel if someone came to your home and used these items? Would you willingly allow the guest to borrow these items? Or would it anger you? Would you feel threatened? Would you feel like your success was being challenged? Do you feel that these items define what you have accomplished?

For the longest time, I believed that I needed to buy all the things, posses all that is to be possessed, and try to “keep up”. Until we couldn’t, I couldn’t. I couldn’t work, and there was no financial help. We had to cut back, live with less and I really enjoyed it. It was so freeing to have love and gratitude for what we already owned, and stop feeling like we had to have more. It isn’t the kinda life that is considered normal in our consumption society.

Fast forward to this July, and a month living in Costa Rica. One of the first things noticed was how the small communities shared. I noticed how they really didn’t have a lot of possessions, but what they had, they shared. One family may have a banana tree and the other is a baker, they would trade, helping each other out. The culture seemed to revolve more around love for your fellow being, than what they owned.

I saw time and time again, families sharing what they owned, and sharing with love. Happiness did not seem to be related to what they owned.


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