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Ready to Invest in YOU?

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


Well, this is a 60 day commitment to doing something to move your physical, spiritual and emotional health towards balance. It is small, simple and enjoyable daily tasks that you can build upon each time you do it. Simply put, its you finally deciding to make choices that serve and honour YOU.

Why 60 days?

Have you seen that meme where one person is standing in front of a set of stairs with HUGE steps, unable to even get over the first one? The other person is standing half way up a stair case with little steps actually making progress? Thats why! If I had said to you, you have to get to this HUGE goal of working out and eating properly for 365 days to get to where you want to be, most of you would have felt like that guy standing in front of the HUGE steps. When we break it down into smaller more manageable steps you see that you are able to start climbing right away. Day one / step one IS DOABLE!! Does that mean at the end of 60 days you STOP? NOPE! At the end of 60 days you will see progress, see accomplishments, FEEL accomplishments. At 60 days we re evaluate, and create the next couple small steps. At 60 days you start to feel like these new things are now habits. Like brushing your teeth or having a coffee. Eventually we get to the 365 goal, but we take it one manageable step at a time.

The commitments are simple;

  • 30 mins of movement each day

  • 10 mins of self development (10 mins meditation, 10 mins reading / audiobook / educational podcast, 10 mins of selfcare)

  • 7 or more hours of sleep a night.


  • Choose meals that support your goals and make you feel good!

  • SUPPLEMENTS! You commit to investing in CORE AM/PM and taking them daily. Trust me on this one. Your body is more than likely SCREAMING for MORE nutrition. Fatigue, mood swings, hormone issues, soreness, insomnia can all be signs of depleted nutrition.

Here’s what we do;

  1. 1 workout from our my QFit app each day (yoga, weights, or one that you resonate with)

  2. 10 min podcast / self development / reading

  3. 10 mins self-care (Minimum) - whatever is needed that day (self massage, hot bath, screaming heavy metal at the top of our lungs, walk the waterfront, sit and cry….. it takes many forms)

  4. Balanced Nutrition and Hydration

Where do I Start?

If you aren't quite ready to hit the workouts start with simple movements, “this feels better” choices, and quiet time done daily.

Here’s what I started with;

30 min walk - Slow and steady around my neighborhood. I felt like i needed to get moving before I started into the FULL workouts.

Mini Workout - 30 squats, 30 push ups, 30 jumping jacks, 30 crunches. Do as many as you can and work up to the 30

I started to think about what I was eating before I ate it, “Will this make my stomach hurt again?, Will it make me have energy?” I was having a lot of stomach pain caused from the stress and certain foods would make it worse. I started to find that whole, fibrous foods helped. So, I ate eat MORE of those.

Keep it SIMPLE.

Do things that bring you joy. Address your WHOLE self, all your parts! It is great if you are getting fit physically, but what about your mind? What about your spirit? What are you doing to address the stress?

Ready to START? Great! START!

I am not going to hold your hand and drop into your DM’s on the daily to remind you to get your shit done. You NEED to do this for you. You need to commit to YOU! I will be here to answer questions, guide you along and share our UPS and DOWNS, but SERIOUSLY it’s time to be accountable to YOU, and NO ONE ELSE!! I am only working with a small group (10) of people this time, so once you are accepted into the group you will get your invite to our PRIVATE INSTAGRAM GROUP!

Get real and get accountable, post your realness on the group and TAG me. I will share the shit outta your accomplishment and be your biggest cheerleader, just not going to hold your hand on this one. We will all set up our calendar in the Qfit App to remind us to do our workouts, but if we choose to silence the notifications, well that’s on us. No amount of ANYONE harassing us is going to help. Do I sound like an asshole? Probably. But this is about YOU!! I want you to commit for YOUR health!

READY? Let's Go!

Your CORE supplements (AM/PM) are a MUST to have access to the free coaching group and the MyQFit App. There are also other GREAT savings packs available, so have a look around. You can also reach out to me directly to help you build your best combo pack. Once you have grabbed your Support Supplements, I will send you an invite to our private INSTAGRAM Group, and help you get set up on your MyQFit App

Grab yours HERE (Enter Victoria-Justin Lefebre in the rep finder)

Ready to start? GREAT, share this to your social and I will be there to CHEER you ON!!

See you in the GROUP!

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