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As of right right this second it is 1 day and 21 hours away from my FIRST ever book being officially released for purchase. I am freaking the F out!

I had zero intention of writing a book last year. I thought 2023 was going to about my physical business expanding into an online course. I had no idea that idea for my online course would expand into publishing a cookbook / educational guide for those of us starting out on this journey of finding hormonal balance.

I'm so freaking proud of myself. I have always wanted to collect my recipes and meal ideas into a book, and now, it's a reality!

So to help me make this a best seller, I would greatly appreciate your support. Head to Amazon, search Victoria L and/or The 28-day strategy and grab a copy. I'm also doing a special giveaway over on my Women's Holistic Health Strategies as well so make sure your over there with your screen shot of your purchase and help me CELEBRATE.

Whoop, WHOOP! This is just the beginning!!

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