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Here we are!

It's officially over, 2021 that is. OR is it? Anyone else feel like 2021 is going to yell "PSYCH! I'm not really gone, SUCKERS!" and make a reappearance?

2021 was filled to overflowing with lessons for me, and a lot of others I know. It has tested me in ways I can't really even describe. 2021 brought divisions and unity, it brought hardships and abundance, it brought loss and new beginnings. It helped us see the true colours of our inner heart centers, if we were willing to look.

As I head into 2022, I have once again decided against creating lofty resolutions and burdensome promises to myself. If I am honest, I just don't have the energy for them. I don't see the point of throwing another "thing" on my plate that I feel I HAVE to do. Instead I am choosing to focus on listening.

I am focusing on listening to my mind, body and spirit. The last two years we have been hit with messaging from every angle that pushes that we should be afraid of others, be controlling of others, be selfless.

I am choosing the opposite going into 2022. I am choosing ME, my health, my mental wellness.

I am asking my body; What do you need to feel your best?

A day in bed? A walk in the forest? A workout, or some Yoga? Do you need a big steak dinner, or a nutrient dense shake? Do you just need some water, or do you need that smooth chunk of dark chocolate? Do you need some extra vitamin C, and D? Do you need a spa day and some extra special self care?

We as a collective have done so much for others the last two years that MANY of us are no longer connected to US. Am I saying run around being an ass and throwing caution to the wind? Of course not! I am saying CHECK IN WITH YOU! How many times a day to you think "I wish so and so would just DO THIS?' Honesty, think about how much of your time and energy you are putting into others? How much time are you putting into you?

What does my body need TODAY to feel optimal? As I write this, I know that my body is in need of a sugar detox. I never eat sweets, but I did this christmas... and a lot of them. I don't regret it, I enjoyed and savoured them, but my body is ready to move on from here. I can feel the inflammation in my back and hands. I can feel the soreness in my stomach. So I will listen and follow my anti inflammatory protocol and get back to my best in no time.

What do I need to do moving forward to find the best health of your life? I know I need to continue to find better rest allowance. By this I mean, allowing myself to actually stop and rest. Not rest full of guilt that I should be doing the dishes or something, allowing a FULL deep rest.

I am asking my spirit; What do you need to feel the best?

Do you need quiet, or do you need a speaker blasting music to dance to? Do you need the company of loved ones or a solitary walk in the trees? Do you need to journal or do you just want to sit with your minds thoughts?

I am honouring that each day my be completely different from the next and that is ok. I am allowing movement and stillness to coexist this year.

I am asking my mind; What do you need to feel the best?

After many battles with anxiety, depression and mental health these last two years I already know what I am going to do moving forward. Less media, less allowing the fear propaganda, no more arguing, no more allowing others to dictate what is best for me. More me time, less overwhelm. Just more self care, my mind needs a break, and I am doing my best to allow the time for it.

I client said something to me a while ago that really stuck to me. she said "It's not my job to worry about what you may "do to me". It's my job to make sure I can weather it." WOW, that hits hard, doesn't it? What are you doing to "weather the storm?"

Consider this post your reminder that SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH, it is NECESSARY.

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