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Half Way, Right?

Here we are, about half way through the month of January already. How is time going so fast and so slow all at the same time? Or is that just me?

How many of us have started and stopped new healthy habits multiple times already? I will raise my hand to that.... I swear each December that I will NOT allow myself to fall victim to the "New year New You" crap, yet here I am.... Although I did approach things a lot differently this year than I normally do, I still caught myself doing things to create a "better version" of myself. In a way that's perfectly ok, we should always be looking for ways to grow and move forward, but when the pressure you are putting on yourself gets overwhelming, it means you are forcing instead of flowing. This is a lesson I am constantly learning, I am a get it done NOW kinda person.

All this to say, Instead of focusing on HUGE and overwhelming goals and aspirations right now I am choosing to look at simple things I can do each day to keep healthy and happy. I am looking at how I can add a couple simple joys into the day, a couple healthy habits, a couple things that do not require access to the very limited brain power I am in possession of right now. These are things that I have decided not to force, but allow them to flow into my daily life when they can. I don't know about you, but these days, with the kids online learning again, the stress of all the outside forces, and the demands of society the last thing I need in my life is ANOTHER thing I have to do.

So Here's My TOP 10, and how I frame them.

I suggest you make a list that works for you. Pick up to 10 things that you would consider as an asset to your day, not a burden. For example instead of saying things like "I HAVE to workout because I am a part of this online group." Frame its as "I am taking the opportunity to move my body in a way that helps me release tension and feel great."

  1. Drink Water - "I am consuming a vital life source."

  2. Move My Body - "I am using movement to release stress and tension."

  3. Get Outside - "Nature supports me and fills my cup."

  4. Self Care - "I am worthy of my own time."

  5. Eat Whole Foods - "My body deserves the best."

  6. Lower / Eliminate Sugar - "I am pain and inflammation free because I value the health of my body."

  7. Enjoy a quiet moment and an Herbal Tea - "I am worthy of the same care I offer to others."

  8. Connect with a loved one - "Sharing a feel good moment will lift others, and myself up."

  9. Add in Supplements - "My health and wellbeing are worth the investment NOW. I am preventing the bills of bad health later."

  10. Diffuse Happy Oils - "I connect with plant medicines to bring mental health, uplifting aromas and bliss into my day."

I big shift for me this year is reframing how I say things. Instead of saying what I am NOT going to do, how I depriving myself, or focusing on the negative side of the equation, I am looking for the I AM statements. It's a small shift that is bringing HUGE reward into my day. It doesn't mean that I am all sunshine and rainbows about everything, that is just toxic. It means that I am on the lookout for the good. I really good example I read the other day was from a fellow mom of teenagers. She was talking about how much it costs to feed her family right now. She said she USED to say to people "Groceries are SOO expensive, I have to spend $300 a week for barely any food." She decided to shift this statement to say "each week I invest $300 into the health of my family. In doing so I support the workers and families that bring me this blessing." She is still spending the money, but reframing it means she creates a frame of mind around spending it.

Give it a try, see how it feels. If you are like me and enjoy a good complain, it feels weird and hard to shift. I would love to know, what are you shifting and creating FLOW with? How are you reframing your tasks into statements that reflect blessings and benefits?

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