Generic Labels....

Updated: Oct 12

👉🏻 Men need “this diet” and “this workout” to get in shape. Man does this diet and this workout for months on end. He gains more weight, feels like crap, gives up and goes back to couch potato life defeated.

👉🏻 Young woman is told that she needs “this diet” and do “this workout” to look “social media ready”. Young woman does this diet and this workout for over a year and only drops one dress size. She stands in front of the mirror, defeated, crying and telling herself she isn’t worth it.

I bet I could continue with these stories for days. I have heard them all, personally experienced many of them, and continue to read them all over social media. Women defeated because they hired a trainer or nutritionist and they aren’t seeing the results they want.

Almost 10 years ago I hired a trainer, paid an astronomical amount of money, worked my ass off, followed the diet plan they gave me, lost 80 lbs, but couldn’t keep it off. The trainer was excellent, the meal plan was not ideal, but I followed it. 4 months after I had gained back almost 40 lbs. I was a certified nutritionist, who was following the plans that I was taught and they weren’t working for me. I went back to school, to learn the wholistic approach to nutrition. I was starting to see that if I listened to my personal biology, I would see results. I started to do this with clients, and they started to see results. We started addressing the ENTIRE BEING, and we saw even more results.

If you are in the nutrition industry, listen UP!

As an industry I feel we are really letting people down. People are coming to us for guidance on how to best make healthy choices, and we are pigeon holing everyone into the same box.

Often it is the “box that worked for us”. We as health and wellness leaders are not taking the time to properly work with those who come to us, discuss what their true needs are, and find out what fuel and movement is most nourishing to THIER BODIES!

Prime Example; The other day I stood in shock, listening to a fellow nutritionist tell me that the only way to lose weight is to properly feed your brain and body with high amounts of carbs from fruits and vegetables, and that these fad high fat diets are a joke. I asked this person if they had ever considered that different styles of bodies require different styles of nourishment at different stages in life? Their response?

“Why would I? All bodies operate the same, it’s biology.”

I can tell you that my personal story of how using a keto based diet helped me recover (and keeps me inline) from my concussion is not well received in many circles. Or how at one point in my life I followed a very strike vegan diet that helped me deal with intense PCOS pain and symptoms.

I can also tell you, that just like the medication the Dr prescribes you, is not ment for me or my body, my meal ratios are not ment for you.

We are unique and biologically diverse humans. We need to be addressed as such. We need to stop pushing our personal ideals on our clients. We need to listen to them when they say things like “I am feeling emotional” “I am feeling tired” or “I seem to be bloated.” These are signs that their bodies aren’t being fueled PROPERLY and we need to adjust our thinking. We need to do a deeper intake, we need to read their food journal, we need to address our clients as a


As a client you deserve to work with a professional that really hears you, works with you, and finds your own bio diverse meal plan, movement plan and emotional supports.

Demand better from your health and wellness professionals. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, demand to know why, take full accountability of your health.

It’s your body!


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