Can I tell you a personal story?

About eight years ago I started on a long journey to try to find a way back to myself. I was a mom of three young boys, wife to a driven entrepreneur, working way too many hours in my corporate job making way less than I should have. I was facing serious health problems and a scary diagnosis. I was burnt out and feeling the effects of my people pleasing mom guilt every second of every day.

when I started on this journey, I had no clue what to do. I just knew I could not keep going this way. I read every single self-help book I could find on speaking your inner voice, feminine empowerment, and ways to find Calm that I could get my hands on. I listened to hours and hours of podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos. Everything I read, watched, and listen to promised that if I just followed along with their easy steps I would get to a better place, manifest all my desires and live the calm peaceful life of my dreams. Yet here I was, still not feeling it! I remember that I was actual starting to feel worse. Why couldn’t I get it? These people claimed that all this stuff was supposed to help me.

I tried every single one of the methods suggested, I used every ounce of knowledge that I gained, and crammed hundreds of different ideas into every single day. Yet I still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, I was still exhausted, I was still pleasing everyone else, and putting everyone before myself and my needs. I hadn’t noticed yet but all I had really done was take that people pleasing mom guilt must do all things mentality and converted it into people pleasing do as all the self-help guru people say guilt. I saw how awesome their lives were, and I felt like if I could just follow their outlines and do exactly what they told me to do I would feel the same way they feel.

I spent hundreds of dollars on books, and when they didn’t work for me I felt guilty that I spent money on myself instead of my family. And then of course that guru would come out with another book that promised to be the missing piece if you didn’t feel like you were able to do what they said in the first book. So I would buy that book, I would try again then I would fail. And it would eat me up even more. I just wasn’t finding what truly resonated with ME. I learned a lot from them all, I just wasn’t able to find practical REAL LIFE ways to start to use it all.

It wasn’t until I decided to take my meditation instructor training that I realized I was going about it all wrong. In One of the training modules my instructor said and I quote

“meditation looks different for everyone and everyone will feel it different. Don’t force your student to do it Your way. Give them permission to do it their way.”

Bahhhm, At that moment it was like a giant lightbulb went off, I was trying to find my peace and calm by doing what everyone else said I should do. I was doing it THEIR way and had not allowed myself to take from it what served me and do it MY WAY. All I was doing was everything I wanted to get away from. Doing what everyone else wanted because I was so deep into people pleasing. So I took a step back, I evaluated what it was that I wanted for myself. How was I going to claim my right to a calm moment, and find that inner peace?

Here I was, learning to teach people how to listen to their intuition, to meditate to go deep within, and I was nowhere near able to do that for myself. So that’s what I spent the last five years learning how to do, and continue to do.

When I started out , I wanted simple easy to follow steps and guidelines that could help me turn inward, listen to my intuition and find a way to practice calm meditation that worked for me. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a program that fit this description, so that’s why I created it. The program that I launched last month is what I did to turn inward, to start to listen to what I needed. The program is like my daily diary entries, the steps I took to make my way towards a place that allowed me to listen to my inner self.

This program is a gentle Guidance back to who you are, who you are meant to be, and who you can become.

It is a simple, (not easy) 21 day program that keeps you looking inward. it keeps you searching for a stronger connection to yourself. It helps you re ignite your inner spark.

It is daily prompts, and action items that bring you to a place of listening to your own intuition. This isn’t about me or what I did this is about you. This is about creating a small habit each day that allows you to REclaim your Calm, because when you connect with your calm, you can connect with your power too.

If you are ready to RE CLAIM YOUR CALM, jump into the program and get started. It is now fully available on the Courses Page.

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