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Boost Your BODY – BONUS Downloads and eBooks

As you know I am HUGE advocate for you taking accountability for YOUR body, health and wellness. I know when I don't move my body, feed it properly, and care for it well it doesn't feel well. This is why I read ingredients on all my foods. This is why I will open the pamphlet at the pharmacy and read and read all the side effects and risks BEFORE I agree to let them fill a the medication script (yes, I am that super annoying one that would stand with the pharmacists for hours. To be honest we haven't used medications for YEARS now though). I look for the root cause of an issue in my body. Symptoms are a sign of imbalance, I want to know where it comes from, not how to cover it up.

I have worked with a lot of clients that were never shown the relationship between good nutritionally dense foods, your microbiome and their health. There is a huge push towards convenient and easy foods, cheap meals and products. We are no longer being taught the value of growing foods for ourselves, sourcing our meals from real food, or the dangers of sugars and chemical food additives. Our society is always pushing the next fad diet to sell you on something, or getting you to buy into something. Yet very rarely do we talk about good, solid REAL food, real supplements that your body will actually use, and real sustainable living.

If you were to get really real for a second, how many of the items in you fridge, freezer and cupboard have multiple, not real food ingredients? I know I have a couple; like the frozen pizza i got because I HATE having to cook lunches, or the granola bars i got "for a treat" because I am just not finding the time and energy to make mine right now. We all have them, the thing is, do they outway the real food?

I know it can be tough now a days to know what to eat, how to fuel your body for energy and wellness, and how to find yummy things to try. That's why I am adding this FREE Bonus for you. Below you can download one of my Meal Plans and prep guides. This plan is filled with yummy immune boosting recipes and meals ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

So Grab IT, and find some ways to add more real food into your life!

Meal Plan – Immunity Booster

immunity-booster-program-prep-guideMeal Plan

immunity-booster-program-1Task List

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