Be Well

Here we go, the fall is coming! I absolutely LOVE this time of year. The colours, the cool crisp mornings, the fireplaces going, the sniffly runny noses......

I know many parents dread this time of year. It seems like everyone in the household is sick. AAAAaand why is it that germs are the ONLY things that we seem to be able to share freely? It's kind of annoying, to say the least.

In our household we have a pretty good track record of getting through this season relatively unscathed (knock on wood), and often just end up with a minor sniffle, if anything at all. HOW, you ask?? Well let me share with you!

Believe it or not, supporting your immune system starts MONTHS, if not years before you really need it! Think of your immune system like a muscle, if you never lift a dumbbell ever in your life, would you expect to be able to grab a 50lb weight and do a bicep curl? I would think not! Same goes for your immune system. If you don't support it and make it strong all year round, when that 50 lb cold crashes down on you, there is no way you are going to be able to "lift" it. All of the steps we talked about in our Systemic Inflammation series are also vital in the "build a better immune system" steps as well. I would suggest taking the time to read or listen to the series podcast in conjunction with what we are talking about today. It will be a huge asset if you can start to decrease your systemic inflammation as we move into cold and flu season.

Assuming you have taken the time to look at ways to decrease your systemic inflammation (or not, either way) let's talk about natural ways you can support your body if you start to feel unwell, or do end up run down with a cold. I recommend adding some of these things in BEFORE you even start to feel run down, as many of these steps are supportive and preemptive measures.

** As always, these are the steps we as a family have taken to support our own personal wellness. We believe very strongly in natural medicine and our bodies insane ability to care for and heal itself when given the proper tools. Make sure to listen to your body and do what is best for YOU!**

STEP 1 - Preemptive Measures

Take your BIOAVAILABLE Vitamins. The Doterra LLV (LifeLong Vitality) vitamins and minerals have been a game changer around here. I have spoken about them many times before, and will continue to share with you how amazing they are. Stop wasting your money on Costco brand, or drug store vitamins that you just pee out. Taking a whole food vitamin and mineral complex means that your body is getting the nutrients from it that it should. Just like if you were to eat the 500lbs of whole, real food that you would need to eat to maintain your proper levels. Ok, maybe not 500lbs, but it's a lot. Best part is, you can try them for 30 days. The money back guarantee means there is no risk. I have yet to have ANYONE ask for the money back though, they are that good!

Don't forget the KIDS, they need BIOAVAILABLE whole real food vitamins too! Forget about the sugar filled gummies, or Flintstone vitamins, those are just candies. We talked about the effects that sugar has on the body in our previous series, so keep that in mind when you are grabbing vitamins for the littles. My guys take the doterra kids vitamins, and have everyday for the last 4 years. They are chewable, but sometimes we through them in the smoothies too.

Try your best to nourish your bodies with lots of vibrant whole foods, clean water and locally sourced meats (if you eat meats). Avoid the sugar, chemicals and processed foods as much as possible. These things deplete your immune systems REALLY fast. Ever notice how as a population we get sicker right after halloween, christmas and easter?? It's the SUGAR!

There are LOTS of other supplements you can take daily to help make sure your gut, immune system and body in general are functioning like OPTIMUS PRIME, but for now I will leave the supplement talk for another time.

Step 2 - Feeling Run Down?

Getting to the point where you feel rundown is a good indicator that you need a nap, a cuppa my FAVORITE body boosting tea and a HUGE bowl of bone broth soup. Why? because all these things support your body in ways that nourish both the physical body, mental body and spiritual body. As the weather starts to turn, it's a great idea to add these things into your daily routine, especially my IMMUNI-TEA. I like to have at least one great big cuppa this a day and usually start adding it into my routine each september.

Here's the Recipe



  • 3 thin slices EACH - Ginger and Turmeric

  • 2 black peppercorn

  • 2 whole cloves

  • 1-2 drops dōTerra Onguard Essential oil

  • 1 tbsp chopped WHITE pine needles

  • local RAW honey to taste


  1. using a loose leaf tea strainer, place all ingredients into the cup (or tea pot)

  2. Bring the water to an ALMOST boil. You don't want to let the water come to a full boil as this will be too hot for the plant oils and will degrade them.