Updated: Oct 12

Make prep is just the nutritional elitists way of making the rest of us feel even more SH!tty for our poor choices. Let's be perfectly honest here, who has hours to spend everyday making all that crap. Watching facebook live after facebook live of these people who are the perfect embodiment of what society tells us we should look like. They blabber on and on about how great kale is. How they love kale muffins, kale smoothies, kale, KALE KALE!! No one actually LIKES kale, it's gross! I mean the only time I ever see anyone actually eating that crap is when it is smothered in that sugar laden dressing and super sweet cranberries in that bag of "superfood" kale salad from the grocery. Unfortunately, I have to ADULT Monday to Friday, Parent the hours in between, and EXTRA Curricular all weekend. I don't get paid to LIVE myself working out and Prepping, ALL DAY LONG! I tried, it didn't work! I don't have time to "make food", my people are lucky to get a friggin bubble chicken (those roasted grocery store chicken in the plastic bubble cases) and some wedge fries for dinner most nights. Otherwise it is "I don't know, check the freezer!" There is just to much much going on, life, job, kids, and crap! Even when I try to live up to this false perception that it is all as easy as steamed broccoli, I FAIL! I prep a couple days, then say FUDGE THIS Batman!! This is reality DUDE, I ain't pretty enough to make that crap my income, and I certainly don't have the time in my life for it either! Am I Right?? Who has said this?

What If I told you I was soooo wrong! Meal PREP CAN make LIFE easier!! If you do it right for YOU and YOUR peeps. Don't force ideals onto yourself that you know you will NEVER stick too. It won't work, trust me! That's what I have been doing for way to long now. I was prepping in bulk for my lunches, yet I ALWAYS forgot them, because they weren't in handy take along containers. I would start out the week GREAT, but by Tuesday, it would be all downhill. SOOO, I tried something different this time. I posted my meal prep last week, and I had a bunch of people reach out to me about it. They wanted to know how I "did it?", because I was clearly a nutritional elitist! Bah aha SOOO Wrong, ok, maybe not SOO wrong, I have been know to be a food snob. Was it time consuming? You bet! Did this first one require more space in my life than I had planned for? Unfortunately yes. Did I learn from it? Oh my god yes!! Am I going to use that and make this week a more effective use of my time? Man I hope so.

So what did I learn?

  1. PLAN Ahead. So I always plan our dinners ahead of time, rarely execute the plan, but I plan them. I went into last weeks prep with an idea of what I wanted for meals, but not a plan. It would have been so much easier if I had known exactly what was being cooked for when, so I didn't accidentally steam the broccoli for the lunches I had bought with Tuesday's beef Broccoli dinner in mind.

  2. K.I.S.S - Stop trying to come up with a million different meal ideas, Keep It Simple Silly!! I made the same basic meals breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dinners are where you can throw in some fun ideas. This week I am making us all the SAME lunches. Justin and I have the same foods (different portions) and the boys have the same lunches for school. Mix up the seasoning, like adding salsa, mustards or spices to make the flavours different, but use the same protein, carb and good fats across the board! (This also makes is simple to BULK COOK, our next point)

  3. BULK Cook! BULK cook! BULK cook! I have done something like this before, but apparently not very effectively. This time I prepared all the stuff to go in the oven or the steamer before I even got started. Started it all, set timers and went and cleaned the kitchen mess. It was great!..... i laid out the portioned containers, scooped, diced and measured, sealed the containers and in the fridge they went! DONE!! O I also made sure to label mine vs. Hubby! Don't need him having less food and more HANGRY!


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