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Meet Victoria

Welcome to my fourth baby.  TreePōse Yoga and wellness was birthed from over 20 years of hard work, countless hours of education, failing forward and stumbling backwards.  I have always had the heart of a self starting entrepreneur, creating and developing many businesses along the way.  TreePōse was the opportunity to bring everything together under one beautiful offering.

I wanted to bring a one stop shop idea to whole body wellness.  Creating a space where busy, stressed out, overworked moms (dads, and non parents too) like me could come for guidance on connecting with mind body and spirit.  A place that welcomed all bodies, all levels of spiritual connection, all people seeking a better more balanced life.  

As a wife and mother of 3 teenage boys, I see first hand the importance of our health.  We have been through a lot as a family; serious illness, mental health struggles, weight issues and much more.  Each of our struggles has been an opportunity for me to learn, heal and grow.  An opportunity for me to add another tool to my Heal Myself tool belt.

I openly share in my blog about our health and wellness struggles, the lessons I have learned from them and how you can benefit from them as well.  I offer a variety of services that will help you adress your physical, spiritual and even emotional needs.

I am ready to help you, just reach out below.

massage therapy, yoga, meditation, wellness, coaching

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